Services We Offer

Window Cleaning

Here at D&J Window Cleaners we can adapt our cleaning techniques and methods
to suit your needs. We use the modern 100% purified water reach & wash system
but can also adapt ourselves and use the traditional applicator and squeegy.
We offer regular services 4, 6, 12 weekly cycles, convenantly you dont have to be in,
we will clean your windows and leave a slip. We can also include solar panels.


Gutter Cleaning

This day in age health & safety comes first. Thats why D&J we use the
guttervac system to clean your guttering. We can reach up to 65ft and our built in
camera ensures we have emptied all debris. For those hard to reach areas we have
trained our staff to use ladders and carry out the clearance by hand!
Our reach & wash system is used to wash down guttering, fascias and soffits
to give your exterior part of home a new life. Whether you have blocked downpipe
or a tree growing from your gutters we can help.


Patio Cleaning

We agree that jet washing that drive or patio area can be very time consuming.
Thats why we decided to offer jet washing as one of our services. Proving very
popular with our customers we have to use a high pressure industrial jet washer.
This removes all stubbern dirt, algae and other debris off of the surface leaving a
much cleaner fresh looking area.


Conservatory Cleaning

A Conservatory should be full of light and their roofs can become very dull, dusty
and dirty. Here at D&J we use our reach and wash system to bring your
conservatory back to life! We clean roof, side windows including tressels, beams,
panels and end plinths!